Halloween Kick Off Party

The Halloween Festival is coming to Tyria on Tuesday, and in anticipation of this spooktacular festival, MIST is having a party to help get you in the Halloween spirit. On Sunday, October 14th, at 9:00pm EST make your way to the guild hall to play games and reap some sweet sweet loot.

Follow the Reaper

An emote elimination game. Gather around Jess Ter and watch her emotes carefully. Once she’s done, it’s your turn. The last person to complete the emote is eliminated.


250 Pieces of Candy Corn
Mini Devil Dog

Mad King’s Crown

Think you have what it takes to win the crown? This is a Costume Brawl free for all, as you battle it out to win the coveted crown. The twist? Everyone will be duking it out as Candy Corn Elementals! First person to get the crown icon above their head wins. Tonics will be provided.


Endless Monkey King Tonic

Zombie Maze

That’s right! We’re bringing back the Zombie Maze. A devilish labyrinth has been set up in the guild hall arena. Victims.. ahem.. guildies will enter unarmed attempting to survive against the zombie attacker. If you get caught by the zombies, you join their team in the hunt for flesh. Survive long enough and emerge victoriously.

  • Victims are unarmed, depending on their utility skills (invisibility, warping, blocks, heals) to survive.
  • If a zombie finishes off a downed opponent they will re-enter the maze as a zombie attacker.
  • Buildings will be adjusting difficulty and/or changing the maze between some rounds.

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