Mysterious Emissary

Jess Ter, Emissary of the Mad King has been wandering around Tyria advocating for the permanent return of King Oswald. We don’t know who these people are, so it’s up to you to uncover their identity. We do know that she spoke to them in a specific order and it carries some importance. Maybe you can figure that out too.
Good luck Flamingos!



Hunt down these people and take a screenshot of your character with the mysterious person. Make sure to have the name of the mystery person showing in your screenshot.

Each photo is worth a set amount of points, with an extra 10 points to anyone who can figure out the importance of the order. The person with the most points wins – in the event that multiple people have the same score, we’ll assign numbers and draw a random winner.

Mystery Person 1

5 Points

Mystery Person 2

5 Points

Mystery Person 3

10 Points

Mystery Person 4

10 Points

Mystery Person 5

15 Points

Mystery Person 6

5 Points

Mystery Person 7

25 Points

Mystery Person 8

10 Points

Mystery Person 9

10 Points

Mystery Person 10

10 Points

Mystery Person 11

10 Points

Mystery Person 12

15 Points

Send your screenshots to Jess via Discord message.



5 Cobs of Candy Corn
50 Trick or Treat Bags
Mini Undead Chicken

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