Raid Night Success!


First off, thank you everyone who showed up to make raid night a success! For anyone we weren’t able to queue up, I apologize. We will make sure there is a system in place to prioritize members who showed up but didn’t get a chance to queue and ensure there is space next time we raid.

With that being said, last night was intended to be a “training run” or “practice run.” There wasn’t an expectation to successfully clear it with at least 5-7 members having 0 experience with this instance. As such it was a surprise when we cleared not only Cairn but Mursaat Overseer in the same run! I, personally, believe that this is a clear indication that our members interested in raiding have the right mindset on team work as opposed to forcing metas and roles. As our members get used to their raid rotations, have a chance to practice instance mechanics more, and get used to the boss rotations we’ll only improve from here.

That is not to say we couldn’t improve. We’ll have the logs and videos posted here. These resources can help other members understand the different perspectives of the fights and identify ways to improve. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the veteran members, there aren’t areas to directly practice instance mechanics, but we can help practice rotations and do our best to prep for team work.

So again, absolutely great raid night and we look forward to continued raiding in the future!

Cairn Run (Success)

Cairn was our first and only intended raid to practice. We weren’t sure if we’d have the DPS to survive all of the mechanics consistently. However, after a few unsuccessful runs (that we got to 25% on) we barely pulled through on this run. Of course, this an excellent outcome for a “practice run”! It was easily one of the best gaming moments I’ve had in a long time.

You can check out the video and logs below to get a better idea of the encounter.



Mursaat Overseer Run (Success)

Although successfully completing one raid was a great result we had enough attendance to try our hand at “testing” out Mursaat Overseer as well. Just so we could get a feel for how it would be next time before we split. Although the group got to see the spears mechanic for “scientific purposes” it was pretty clear we’d be able to pull this one off after another round are two. A few people had to leave due to their schedules, but we pulled in a few PUGs and completed it after only a few runs. Great work guys!



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