Value Guardian / Gorseval Clear


Vale Guardian was our first attempt at raiding and definitely didn’t go easy. Round 2 was an entirely different story as we cleared on our second run. Our groups are clearly getting better. Grat job guys!

Vale Guardian (Success)

Vale Guardian dropped after the a “warm up” first. Great stuff.



Gorseval (Fail)

Gorseval ended up being a pretty tough fight. Leadership was a bit rusty. We’ll make sure we’re better prepared next time. Either way, great job getting to single digit health % regardless. Not bad for half of our team being brand new to this fight.



Cairn (Success)

After cutting our losses on Gorseval we decided to do a quick run of the wing we’ve been doing. First-run clear on Cairn was a great way to kick it off.


Mursaat Overseer (Success)

Having two new members working the mechanics caused a few wipes, but they did a great job learning and the Overseer fell after a few runs. DOWNDPS! Not a bad way to end the night.


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