About Us

A Short Bio about us.

Flames of the Mist [MIST] is a small guild apart of the MMO Guild Wars 2. We prefer to focus on a traditional guild structure in which we run all content available.

Ninjazzy and the officers of the guild have strived to build up a group of mature gamers while maintaining a relaxed environment that welcomes members of any playstyle.

Most players are based in North America, but we do have a few members across the globe with various schedules. The primary language is English, but there are no communication requirements for most events.

  • Our guild prides itself on minimal politics and drama. We encourage players who would like to play content without worrying about the current meta, build requirements, or speedrun tactics. Our foundation is based on enabling everyone to have a good time and enjoy the game as a whole. Guild Wars 2 is one of the few MMOs that excels at the social aspects of the gaming world and we would like to enhance this as opposed to deter it.
  • We actively encourage generalized casual play and have support for new players but we do care about the members that are looking for more serious fights. We set aside teams and space that allow players interested in ranked PvP and high-end fractal/raid runs. We can also help find other guilds that specialize in more specific content if our guild doesn’t have the environment to do so. There are no strict representation requirements.
  • Customized and additional content is something we strive for. Although Guild Wars has a massive amount of things to do, we are always looking into adding additional rewards and unique guild-defined goals to the existing game that focus on casual and competitive gameplay to spice things up every once in a while. We enjoy hosting popular contests such as photo/fashion contests, scavenger hunts, and goofy arena games.


The guild was originally created and adapted to meet the previously mentioned goals by the following individuals. They have worked hard to grow the guild and provide additional content as best as possible. You can contact us with questions are issues anytime.

Guild Leader


Discord: ninjazzy#5029
Guild Wars 2: ninjazzy.3024

“Wipe that smirk off your face! You’ll learn to fear the watermelon shark on the field of battle young scout.”
– Enemy Officer


Discord: Axxrael#1240
Guild Wars 2: Axxrael.1240

“We’re going to attempt something futile with a ton of unearned confidence and fail spectacularly!”
– Axx



Discord: VariableFlame#2067
Guild Wars 2: VariableFlame.6384

“Did someone say fraggals?!?!”
– Flame


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