Pink Day in LA!


I wanted to bring attention to a large GW2-wide event that will be happening on Saturday called Pink Day in LA. It’s a charity event that will be hosted in Lion’s Arch on SATURDAY, 20 OCTOBER to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society for breast cancer research. CCS has been vetted strongly as a charity that uses its money effectively. Pink Day in LA is sponsored by Gamers Giving Back and endorsed by ArenaNet (perfect for those who like to play Collect-a-Dev).

Another guild I’m in, [DoVE], alone has donated EIGHT LEGENDARY WEAPONS for giveaway, along with tons of other cool prizes for the event! I crafted The Minstrel (focus) for the giveaway; other legendaries you could win include The Juggernaut (hammer), Kudzu (longbow), Meteorologicus (scepter), The Dreamer (shortbow), Quip (pistol), Moot (mace), and Kraitkin (trident). I know there are others that have donated other legendaries, so there are some pretty big prize pools for the event!

It’s a good cause, and you can win lots of free prizes also just by doing the mini games and events that are planned. I’m hosting trivia, which is several questions every 30 minutes (with prizes for each question)!

If you want to join, the event starts 1PM EST (5PM UTC) and runs for about six hours on Saturday, 20 October (Sunday morning for our kiwi friends). There will be LFG up to taxi into the maps. It’s easy to jump in and jump out whenever you have a free moment in all your Halloween Lab farming.

Hope to see you all there!


Pink Day Info

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